Ann of Ava eBook and Discussion Questions

Undaunted Courage and Faith in the Face of Heartrending Trials

Why would a lovely young woman give up the comforts of home for an uncertain future in savage lands?

Ann Hasseltine had it all--youth, beauty and a loving home life in idyllic New England. When the dashing and visionary seminary student Adoniram Judson asks Ann to marry and accompany him to an uncivilized country to spread the gospel, she must decide whether to take a course that will change her life forever.

Based on the author's close reading of historical records, Ann of Ava presents a fictionalized account of Ann and Adoniram's groundbreaking missionary work in Burma.

Filled with fascinating historical references, you'll find yourself both encouraged and sobered by all the Judsons gave up to share the good news with those who needed to hear.

Recommended for ages 11 and up.

  • 138 pages in PDF format
  • Includes discussion questions perfect for homeschool or classroom essay topics

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